About Jay’s H-Shack

My history with the H-Body cars goes back to 1974, when I was 6 years old.  Our Dad started buying Vegas because of the oil crisis of the 70s.  Dad owned no less than 5 Vegas and one Monza Towne Coupe through 1981 or so.  My 3 older brothers all had a Vega for their first car.  I always thought I would also get a Vega for my first car, but by the time I was16 the Vegas were not in our family anymore and I ended up with a 1975 Monte Carlo.  The one that I really wanted was the 1976 Blue GT with white interior and manual 4 speed.  As I recall, that was the last Vega that Dad owned.  The picture is Dad standing next to it, headed out on a motorcycle ride. 

Through the years I never forgot about the Vega.  The first one I remember seeing for sale that I wanted to buy was in Ames, Iowa.  This would have been somewhere around 1995.  I don’t remember what color or year that it was, but I do remember that it was in outstanding condition and it had a cloth interior that I really liked (was a standard hatchback).  At that time I did not have any extra money for a second car AND also no garage to keep it inside.

Life moved on… My oldest brother started doing a full restoration on a 1976 Cabriolet Vega somewhere around 2005.  My love of these little cars was rekindled through his restoration and the many conversations that we had.  In 2013 a very nice (actually immaculate, 13,00 original miles) 1976 standard Vega came up for sale on eBay.  Long story short, I ended up buying this car and brought it to Iowa from Michigan.  I still have this car today.  Many know this car as “HULK”.

Many Vegas and Monzas went through my hands from 2013-2018.  During this time I accumualated many parts and also dabbled in buying and selling used parts.  In the summer of 2018 I got the awesome oppotunity to buy a Cosworth Vega (non running car, but solid body and frame).  I never thought I would own a Cosworth Vega, but it happened.

The Cosworth Vega BUG/Obsession is real!!  Without going into details, no less than 4 Cosworths have gone through my hands since 2018.  3 have stayed with me.

Around 2021 I started working with a local friend to get the H-Body Sill plates reproduced.  It was during this time that I knew that I needed to setup a business, if I was going to sell them.  It was also around this time that I started rebuilding sending units for H-Body enthusiasts.  In the last two years I also started 3D printing a few plastic parts that were needed.

Jay’s H-Shack was established on January 1st, 2023.  2023 was a great year and now I am working on some more projects as we head into 2024 and beyond.  I cannot thank my customers enough for supporting me and what I do!!